ok so 4 days ago I found an abandon rat, turned out to be a squirrel. he is doing well and seems to be eating finally after a couple of days, he is awesome, so far he has no hair but it is coming in as peach fuzz. his eyes have also not opened yet. I am guessing that he will open his eyes soon, he likes to eat, wish me luck I have read a lot about they make great pets, I think that rocky thinks I am his mom as I feed, clean and check on him every chance I can.

The laundry mat

Ok so my washer goes out and I have to wait to get it fixed, the laundry mat is about the only place that I really don’t like being not because of the many different people in the place its just not the place I want to spend an afternoon. Thank goodness my dryer is working because it cuts my time and cost in half. It cost me $8 to do three loads of laundry  amazing to charge a person over $6 per double load for that price I could have gone to eat. Oh well it won’t be long before my washer will be fixed on the other hand I might look into a new set, ah the idea is nice start saving now.


Pets namely sadie

So I have this new dog, her name is sadie, she is an Italian greyhound. I have found out that this dog is exactly like a child needless to say she is very much a part of our family now, what I have had to get used to is how attached she is to me. She is there on my every move one day I am scared that I am going to step on her. As I get ready for work this morning after taking her to do her business I have to still get ready for work she lays patiently at my feet. Dogs are so funny but more like human beings, well at least mine is so today

sadie this blog is for you.


Everyone should take a few mins and read this because at one time or another we are the bug and or the windshield.

The Imponderable One

Have you ever had one of those days where things just don’t seem to be going your way?  Well EVERY Monday seems to be like that for me, and even moreso with the way my work responsibilities have multiplied lately– but, as I tell others, “hey!  at least I have a job!”  After days like today it often reminds me of, what has become, one of my favorite and most used sayings…  “Some days you’re the Windshield and some days you’re the bug!”  You can obviously tell which day is a better one for you in that scenario.  So Mondays have just become “bug days” for me. 

In searching the internet I have also found some variatons on this theme.  Some of them are pretty good and others are just good at getting the point across.  I am sure that there are many other scenarios that can be used/applied here…

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45 is not so bad…

So this week I turn 45, I have looked back on the decades I have lived so far, my 30s were easy although I didn’t want to leave my 20s behind….well there is no stopping time or gravity, but I am good with that. I have a husband that loves me and two grown sons that complete my little world called my family. I have noticed over the years as the world has changed I have as well. I stop and smell the roses and the coffee never can take too much time to stop and appreciate the things you do have in your life, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have. I do have a great family, A job, and I live in Florida no complaints there. So in looking at my first 45 years I am not doing too bad, as for the next 45 I will be filling up all that day by day. This morning I really thought about writing a book or some short stories, so wish me luck! Have a great day and enjoy.

I was born in Tioga so I will be happy to look at ND through your eyes and thank you

Trevor Saylor


Just a quick post today with some random shots taken over the past few months since I moved to Fargo, North Dakota.  They were taken with various cameras (some of which I don’t own anymore), but in lieu of me having anything new to show off today, I trolled through the archives and came up with this assortment of rubbish to subject the Internet to.  Any feedback is great!




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I have pondered some of the same phrases


If you are at all acquainted with the English language, you may have noticed some common sayings and words in there that are really silly, once you come to think of it. For example, why is it called a boxing ring when it is actually a square? Why is the load of the ship referred to as cargo, but when a truck carries a load on land, that is referred to as shipping? Actors recite a play for an audience, but then they play at a recital. See? It doesn’t make sense! But that is English, unfortunately. That is also one of the reasons why English is such a hard language to speak fluently – incorporating all its nuances. Ask me – I’ve been there. There are so many things you simply have to know.

If you want to read more about the silliness of English, there is this…

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Duck in a new pond

Today I found my self in a different situation I was in a room of about 10 people in what is called a group interview. The age range was 19 to about 55 I am about mid of that what a strange place to be when looking to better your working environment. I am employed yet want something more that utilizes my degree, I am not so sure that the new place will do that for me. Everyone in that job interview NEEDED that job me on the otherhand I have a job just want something better I don’t believe that they are it. What ever happened to one on one interviewing? Is this a lost art? The days of technology are here and the employers have all the marbles and I am one of the many. Needless to say I had a very strange day :o)

Ahhh Football

Nothing surprises me when it comes to football I love it, this year I held three fantasy teams and two out of the three did phenominal. Now as I sit and watch one of the best games of the season (Saint vs San Francisco) the 49ers are on the way to the next round it was such an edge of the seat game. I am most looking forward to seeing the Broncos play as my dad would be so proud of them. I can’t wait to see what happens tommorow. I will be on the edge of my seat till the Super Bowl is played